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Shiny Happy Hair doesn t come easy unless you have been blessed with fantastic hair genes. Great hair comes down to a number of different factors:

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With a little know how, a bit of practice, the right products and just a few more minutes a day you really can make a huge difference. Trust me.

a complex keratin (a protein found in nails, feathers and horns), as well as water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, iron and two types of lipids. I know wow! A single hair has many stories to tell and chemical analysis of hair is used for medical, legal and environmental purposes to find clues for illness and crimes alike.

For a forensic scientist it provides a wealth of information and in the nucleus of each hair bulb lies the complete information of a person’s genetic inheritance, found in the form of your DNA. So the next time you are cursing your hair for misbehaving or hurriedly blasting it with 200 degrees from a hairdryer, just give it a little more thought and respect.

Hair does not grow continuously throughout life but in successive cycles of approximately three to ten years. The cycles have three stages: growth, regression and loss. At any one point in time around 85% of your hair is in the growth phase and 15% is in the loss phase.

So there is no need to be alarmed when you see hairs in the bath tub or on your hairbrush On average we lose up to 100 strands of hair a day that’s just the 15% that’s in the hair loss phase. If our hair cycles were synchronised we’d moult regularly like some animals.

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