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Decide If Your Yoga poses or Current Approach Is Working

If you don’t think you can evaluate your own yoga poses, think again. Who is a better authority on your progress and performance in life than you? Recognize that with the information provided in these pages, combined with your own instincts and observations, you can make this choice.

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I realize that this is a big decision, and that for many who have been in yoga poses for years, it may seem counterintuitive. After all, traditional therapists tend to keep certain things to themselves, and you may feel that they have a special formula or training that allows them to measure your progress, making you think that you can’t possibly know because you’re a layman.

As well trained and well versed in their disciplines as many therapists are, they can’t read your mind. You possess a huge advantage over any outsider when evaluating the progress or lack thereof you’ve made. If your sense is that you have not achieved key goals, then the odds are you’te right. If you still have the same problems that caused you to see that professional in the first place, then it’s clear that something is wrong.

It’s possible, of course, that you just need a bit more time another day, another week, another month and you’ll have your breakthrough. In most instances, though, people have a sense if they’re nearing a breakthrough. They’ve taken small steps in the direction of solving their problems; they’ve changed their attitudes; or they’ve been able to do things they couldn’t do before. If you don’t have this sense of movement toward solutions, it may be time for a change.

I recognize that many people in yoga poses believe they’ re making progress, but it is often progress measured in small insights rather than real life leaps. Let me tell you about Edwin, someone whom yoga poses helped in one way but not in ways that mattered most to him.

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