Hairstyles for medium length hair

Up & Down Section off the top part of the hair and slightly back-comb in the crown area. Smooth the top layer of hair over the back-combed area to create a bouffant effect. Curl the ends of the hair and use a wire lift to separate the curls and style. Use a light hairspray for hold. All About The Volume Big hair, yeah-we care! Looking for a look with plenty of bounce and body? This one just might work for you! 1. Shampoo and condition the hair. 2. Use a heat protectant before blowing the hair dry with a cushioned paddle brush. 3. Section the hair and apply a light curling wax. Silken the hair with the iron, creating defined curls as you go. 4. When all of the hair is curled, style with a rake comb. Partial Back-Sweep 1. Create a side-part and use a boar bristle hair brush to smooth the top section back. Secure the smoothed part of the hair in the Hairstyles for medium length hair back with a covered ponytail holder or decorative barrette. Use a wire lift to fluff the loose hair.

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