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Hillary explains the writing process as the product of that real live mentality, feeling like we would walk off stage and know which songs were really working, where we had a hole in the set list that we needed to fill with another song…we could just sense that our fans wanted that energy and a fresher version of things. We had gone to that mellow, melancholy place a lot so we wanted to just, she pauses with cheeky effect give them a little shock.

The crowd loves listening to them but how about Lady Antebellum themselves? It must feel fantastic for them to play these songs live? Yeah, especially songs like Long Stretch Of Love\…A.vz you coming tonight? asks Charles. We’ll probably start the show with that for the same reason we wanted to start the record out with that. It sets the tone ofWe really wanna come out and come out swinging!’

The songs have meticulous production and a full sound; Hairstyles for long hair Lady Antebellum cut with a live band but with full attention to detail. If we needed the snare to sound a little bit bigger, we needed to make a kick sound bigger or throw a loop in there, we weren’t afraid to do that this time around. And I think that’s where you get a little bit more of that modern freshness…it was like how can we mirror what we do and what we’re known for with what’s kind of current and fun and modern..?

Freestyle is a stand-out track for its modern country sound – and one of Hillary’s favourites to perform live so far. Hairstyles for long hair When they first began playing this up-tempo party anthem (that sounds more bro country than Lady Antebellum) nobody knew it but it has this really fun opening guitar part that would get everybody’s head bobbing and you just felt that was a good sign!

This comes from a band whose bitter sweet Need You Now is loved across the globe and certainly not just by country fans, Hairstyles for long hair peaking in several mainstream charts. Things could have gone wrong with such a departure but the fans seem to be drawn to it and I can’t say I blame them. We feel like watching all the different social media and seeing what they’ve said, it’s exactly what we wanted the fans to say. Which was, you know they’ve brought back a lot of that fun energy that they started out with’. I do think we’d gotten a little mellow there in the past couple of records and it’s nice to hear that they can see that we were trying to mix it up a little bit. (Charles)

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