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It’s also a handy way to introduce yourself without having to come up with a line. “As a chef, you can send over a little lobster tail, or a glass of champagne, or get her a great table. That’s a lot less intimidating than walking right up and asking her name. I think women appreciate subtle gestures that they’re not forced to respond to.”

Recently married, Matthew met his wife while they were both working in a restaurant. “I pursued her very casually,” he says. “I had to be patient.” But he knew the relationship held promise from the start. The tip-off? “On one of our first real dates, I cooked dinner for her,” he says. “She loved it.” How could he tell? “Well,” he says smiling, “she ate a lot.”


Patrick Sheedy says he learned most of what he knows about women directly from the source. “I’ve always been surrounded by women,” he soys. “I’ve even had women as roommates, and I communicate with them much better than with men.” He attributes his appeal in part to having different-colored eyes (“that always gets a lot of attention”) but mostly to his sense of humor. “I can be funny without being cruel and have fun without acting like an idiot,” he says. “Most male humor comes from making fun of other people, but I like to joke about myself. I once watched a friend of mine try to make himself look good by cutting down some guy sitting at the bar. His date didn’t go for it at all.”

Patrick emphasizes that his approach isn’t about conquest. “I never go out at night with the goal of getting laid. So many guys have a whole act worked out, designed to get a woman into bed as soon as possible. It’s so much better to ploy it by ear.” And no matter how crazy you are for a woman, Patrick says, don’t crowd her. “Chasing women just drives them away,” he says. “You can flirt and play around, but not pushing it can be very sexy. It lets women take the lead. I did that recently and it drew someone to me, someone I really love.”

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