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Red hair varies from a deep orange to a pale copper. The palest red hair is often referred to as strawberry blonde I have to confess this description beats me! As 1 mentioned earlier, red hair is characterized by high levels of red coloured reflect pigment and lower levels of the darker base pigments.

Natural red hair is usually complemented by fair skin and freckles and without any evidence natural redheads are portrayed has having fiery tempers! I’m not sure if this is true, although 1 must admit I have met some pretty fiery redheads!

Natural redheads are pretty special only a very small percentage of the world’s population are blessed with this rarest of all natural colours!

In the United States just 6% of the population have red hair while in Scotland and Ireland the figures are more like 13% and 10% respectively. Obviously the reason for these percentages is based on the global population shifts that have happened over thousands of years.

What many people don’t realize is that the red hair gene can skip generations and can turn up out of the blue three, four or even five generations later. On men it often appears in facial hair but nowhere else.

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