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REAL GUYS (no models, no lifeguards, no himbos) reveal the sources of their appeal

These men aren’t pinup boys.

They don’t look like Daniel Day-Lewis or Mel Gibson, but try telling that to the women who line up to date them. Each has his own brand of charisma-but what they all share is an ability to communicate that gets them a whole lot further than deep-blue eyes or well-sculpted pecs ever could. Here, six irresistible guys whose sex appeal is more than the sum of their physical parts reveal the secrets of their romantic success.


Matthew Kenney thinks women might be attracted to him because he’s shy. “I grew up in the country/’ he says, “so I’m very reserved and polite. Women find that refreshing.” Maybe so, but he’s also discovered a direct route to intimacy: cooking. “I love to cook it’s an artistic outlet that gives me a lot of common ground with women.”

Matthew has reached more than one woman’s heart through her stomach. “I like to cook food that heightens the romantic atmosphere,” he says. “When I went with a woman to a cabin in the mountains, I made very rustic food-wild mushrooms roasted with garlic cloves and rosemary, served with warm polenta.” And he gives Hallmark a run for its money on Valentine’s Day. “I once made a heart-shaped Linzer torte for a girlfriend. She thought that was really great. Sometimes food can say a lot more than words.”

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