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Just like a great chef, a good colourist will tweak and mix a formula that is unique to you, changing the ingredients and amounts to suit you at that time. When your colourist says ‘same as last time?’ it’s time to change your colourist. They should be creating the perfect shade for where your hair is at right now.

If the same colour is applied time and time again it will either get darker or lighter. The other key thing is that a good colourist will rarely mix up just one shade three, four or even five shades make the perfect bespoke colour.This is where a hairdresser wins hands down over a box of dye.

TECHNIQUE Ifyouare applying home colour always start at the back of the head. Heat rises and the hair on top of the head develops more quickly than the hair at the nape of the neck. A good colourist will colour the hair section by section, often working out what to do where and using several different techniques. Again, these techniques can’t be found on the back of a box.

CHANGE If you apply the same colour over a period of time you will get a build up. You may not notice it yourself but take pictures of your hair colour every six months to chart the change. The biggest mistake most woman make (especially in the war against anti ageing) is sticking to the same hair colour for years.

Gently tweaking and changing your hair colour as you get older is the secret. There are times when you should go lighter: if you are naturally dark lifting the colour a few shades lighter can work wonders (my mother lightened her raven black locks to a soft medium brown as she matured).

The reverse is true for natural blondes they actually need to add more depth to their blonde hair. And for those that sit in the middle of the base colour scale soft chestnut, subtle copper and toffee blonde shades all look stunning as a woman gets older.

Throughout the centuries redheads have been revered and feared, adorned and adored, from Queen Boadicea, Mary Magdalene, Queen Elizabeth the First, and any number of pre Raphaelite beauties.The colourTitian takes its name from the artist of the same name who immortalized red haired women in his paintings.

Natural redheads may have to put up with the teasing and the’ginger’jokes but there’s no denying just how striking, colourful and desired red hair can be. As far as transforming yourself into a redhead cosmetically is concerned why not? Many natural redheads would question the wisdom of this as there are plenty out there who dye their hair the other way.

But if fiery locks is what you want, the most important thing you should consider is whether it will work with your skin tone.

Most natural redheads have pale skin and green or blue eyes so if you are olive skinned or over tanned it can look a little odd. Red colour can be applied in all manner of shades and techniques from the palest, subtlest glow to the brightest of fires.

Red hair does tend to have fantastic shine and can be a real show stopper!

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