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Experience Counts as Hair

If you want to profit by my hair experiences, you’ll doubtless be dizzy. For I’ve been through virtually everything the hair-heads could dream up, from short and geometric to Orphan Annie curls and from boy-short to long and straight, which is where I am right now, but yearning for a change. We fashion folk never like to let well enough alone … we like changes, swift and often.

And those changes are sometimes disastrous, but there’s one thing about hair. It will grow. If it’s healthy, it will grow fast, so if you get a haircut you could cry about, don’t bother.

Just do what I tell you, and you’ll get your hair vvhere you want it again before you have a chance to feel less than beautiful.

You will see just what foods got my hair out of a disastrous skinhead haircut and into long. You will also discover, once again, how many myths about hair exist. It seems to be the one truth about beauty.

Practically nothing you’ve heard all of your life is true. So once again, you must prepare to re-educate yourself to a new way of thinking about hair, and possibly a new way of eating, as well.

You must realize, first and foremost, that your skin, your nails, your hair, and your body are all basically the same thing, and that thing is protein.

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