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Herbal Infusions

Choose herbs for your hair shampoo that will enhance your hair color and texture, and that address any special needs you may have. You can mix and match herbs from the following lists to develop an individualized combination that is best for your hair.

Dry: Elder flowers, comfrey root, avocado, orange blossoms Normal: Horsetail, clover, dandelion

Oily: Lemon grass, strawberry leaf, watercress, white willow bark

Ethnic: Olive oil, comfrey, cherry bark, nettle

Shine: Vinegar, raspberry, egg, nettle, quassia

Manageability: Yogurt, beer, cherry bark

Softness: Marjoram, cherry bark, olive oil, burdock root

Dandruff: Peppermint, comfrey, white willow bark, birch bark, nettle, vinegar

Growth: Rosemary, St. John’s Wort, sage, nettle, basil, onion juice

Herbal Infusion Natural hair shampoo Recipes

Custom-made hair shampoos are not as thick or as quickly washed out as commercially acquired mixtures; however, they will successfully clean hair with naturally sustaining elements and botanicals. Since homemade herbal hair shampoos are so much gentler, you can expect that your hair will not feel as squeaky-clean in the wake of washing. This is because it will not be stripped of its natural oils, as it would be with commercial hair shampoo!

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