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Circulation from Stimulation

There are two kinds of massage, of course. The soothing, relaxing sort and the zingy, vigorously administered kind that’s meant to set your blood tingling, so that it will get up and do its beauty work. Hairstyle oval face fine hair And your scalp is one spot that can use plenty of stimulation, if it’s the proper sort and done with care.

Don Lee, a scalp specialist in New York, who has given lion’s mane locks to such luminaries as model Veruschka, counts as a large part of his scalp treatment a vigorous massage, administered by a crew of Mr. America-sized men with Mr. America kind of muscles.

Believe me, when you get a massage from Don Lee, your scalp gets the message!

George Michaels, a New York hairdresser who only half-jokingly calls his salon “The House of Long Hair,” has turned out more real longhairs than you can possibly imagine, with clients in almost every musical show on Broadway. Hairstyle oval face fine hair You know, those long-maned dancers with the gorgeous swinging tresses.

Mr. Michaels has his own ideas about the kind of massage that makes hair grow long. Hairstyle oval face fine hair And he must know, for his assistant has hair that is long enough to sit on! It would be a bit in the way in my own fast-paced business, but to each her own hair-length!

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