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Adequate amounts of iron, copper, and the following B vitamins are essential in maintaining the natural color of the hair: pantothenic acid (calcium pantothenate), PABA, folic acid and inositol. Gray hair at any age, particularly prematurely gray hair, probably indicates a deficiency of one or more of these nutrients.

The natural color of gray hair has sometimes been restored by an adequate intake of all the anti-gray-hair vitamins. The most marked results in restoration of color of gray hair have come from a liberal use of natural foods supplying B vitamins: brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses, wheat germ, rice polishings, liver and yogurt.

When liberal amounts of yogurt are taken daily, the yogurt bacteria growing in the intestinal tract apparently synthesize or produce the B vitamin inositol, and other anti-gray-hair vitamins. The richest sources of inositol are whole wheat breads, brewer’s yeast, blackstrap molasses, and wheat germ.

And I would like to add, lecithin, which you’re already taking and which is already filled with that inositol.

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