Hairdos for long hair wedding

Hair clips or butterfly clamps for sectioning and securing areas.These allow you to work on one area at a time just like a pro.

Tail comb to help you divide and section.

Brushes. Round or flat, curved or vented, the right brush will help you get the style you want.

A wide toothed or jumbo comb. Use in the shower to comb hair through and for detangling.

No snag hairbands for that perfect catwalk ponytail.

Hair vitamin or supplement for that deeper care.

Last but not least, the right shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning treatment for your hair’s personality.

I know you will be cisklllg but what

hairdryer should I buy?

which brush is best for my hair?

Let’s start with the big one first.
There are so many hairdryers to choose from. And guess what, they are not that bad after all, and have come along way since their invention. We all know the damage associated with heat styling but can’t resist the look that styling gives. Blaming your poor hairdryer is an easy cop out! As with most things in life, it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it. Overuse of electrical tools can rob the hair of moisture leaving it feeling and looking parched as an old thatched roof!

Blow drying is all about controlling your hair’s personality.The tools that you need will depend much on the desired result for instance, your hands may just do the job if you’re looking for a tousled, natural looking do, but if you want your hair to look smooth and sleek or if you want to add volume, then you’ll need to use a brush. Paddle brushes work best when you’re after something sleek and round brushes are brilliant for volume or pulling out stubborn kinks or bends.

Follow these simple steps for easy hairdrying.

Towel dry as we have discussed before. Never rub but blot instead, removing as much water as possible. You should never blow dry wet hair it should be damp.This way you’ll find it easier and quicker and it will cause less heat damage to your precious locks.

Always use a styling product cocktail as we’ve discussed suitable for your hair’s personality.

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