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Mr. Michaels’ recommended massage is done in the shampoo shower and consists of a gentle back-to-front motion, all done with the head hanging down. The reason for the shower massage? Mr. Michaels doesn’t believe in massaging dirt into the hair. Sound hair-thinking, I’d say.

And then, of course, there’s massage with a hairbrush. Mr. Michaels thinks it ought to be done first thing in the morning even before you put the coffee on to brew. Hairdos for long curly hair Once again, this kind of massaging should be done by bending forward from the waist, and brushing from back to front.

And he believes in the two hundred beauty strokes, all right. He also believes that the only way to brush at all is with a natural-bristled hairbrush. Here, he and I part theories. Hairdos for long curly hair For 1 believe in, and use, the plastic-bristled rubber-based hairbrush so often used by the no-set, Sassoon sort of hairdressers.

The advantage to this brush is that there is no way the hair can get tangled up in those wide-apart plastic prongs. And since the plastic “bristles” are based in a rubber pad, the static electricity, which could conceivably cause hair breakage, is calmed down. In any case, I have a lot of hair to show for this kind of brush.

While we re onto brushing, let me warn you about one possible danger. Never, never brush wet hair. For when your hair is wet, it’s at its most elastic meaning it might stretch just one shade more than it can, and break off. Save the brushing for almost-dry and use a comb to get out any wash tangles.

New York hairdresser Ian of Davian Inc. reminds me that an awful lot of people don’t know how to comb wet hair. I must admit I hadn’t given it that much thought myself. Hairdos for long curly hair But, as he puts it, comb it slowly from the bottom starting to work out the tangles from there. If you start from the top, you’ll have a whole length of hair to untangle and it will be a lot harder on your head and your hair. Remember: bit by bit, from the bottom upward.

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