Haircuts for wavy fine hair


Conditioning your hair is an essential part of the process to achieving shiny happy hair. A conditioner smoothes the outer cells of the hair (the cuticle) and therefore avoids individual hairs tangling.The added benefit is that conditioners align the cuticle scales and therefore make hair feel softer to the touch and encourage shine. Earlier in this chapter we mentioned the three main hair textures: fine, medium and thick.

For thick haired girls there is rarely such a thing as overconditioning but fine haired girls often have a dilemma with conditioners for fear of losing body in their hair. This is likely if the conditioner feels heavy. Instead opt for lightweight, gel or spray based conditioners rather than rich creams. Body is reduced when the offending conditioner is not rinsed out of the hair thoroughly. This is why leave in conditioners only tend to be good for girls with thick hair.

Most importantly, conditioners put moisture back into the hair, so that it looks and feels nourished. Never underestimate the moisture lost from the hair from constant styling abuse. You would always moisturize your skin and hair is just the same it really does benefit from conditioner.

Just like shampooing, applying conditioner is a bit of an art form. It should always be applied to clean, washed hair. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Squeeze the hair firmly to remove excess water after the final rinse of shampoo.

Step 2 Pour a teaspoon sized blob of conditioner into the palm of your hand, rub the hands together and smooth the conditioner over the hair avoiding the roots and paying attention to the tips.

Step 3 A well formulated conditioner does not need to be left in the hair to work and should be rinsed out straight away. Use warm water and run your fingers through your hair to make sure it is thoroughly rinsed. There are, of course, deep conditioning treatments and masks that have the potential to penetrate deeper into the hair’s cells, thereby repairing more structurally than cosmetically. These should be left in the hair for longer, but for most hair textures these only need to be applied once a week.

Haircuts for wavy fine hair

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Haircuts for wavy fine hair

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