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Fat Again For Shining Hair

Don’t believe for one single moment that you can have that thick, shining, swinging, luxuriant length of hair you obviously want unless you eat fats. For your hair, as we keep pointing out (hope you aren’t bored, but just let it bore into your brain) is exactly like your skin. It craves fats and without them, your hair will be dry, dull, listless, and limp but not beautiful. I’d be willing to swear to that.

Again we’ll say that most people consider fat a dirty word. But fat doesn’t mean you’re fat. Heavens, no! That’s what we’re fighting against. If you’ve read the chapter on Shape, and read it carefully, then you know that fats are as important to keeping your shape in shape as they are to sleeking up the rest of you meaning your hair, your skin, and your nails.

In fact, if you try leaving out fats, you can get into plenty of trouble, most of it ugly. Like real dandruff, or other unbeautiful things. Some nutritionists feel that fat is so important to all of you that they recommend that no less than a quarter of your diet be made up of fat.

And, as we know, the unsaturated fats are the kind to recommend, not only because they’re the best for shaping you up, but because they’re full of vitamin E the E that’s so essential for the beauty of your hair.

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