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Nutritionist Linda Clark recommends daily headstands as a way of getting blood to the scalp, relaxing it (and you), and getting that scalp in good shape to grow hair, because the good things you eat are no good to your hair if they never get up to your scalp where they belong.

Miss Clark also suggests that one more way to getting things into scalp circulation while you relax is by lying on a slant board, feet up and head down, of course, for about fifteen to twenty minutes every day. Haircuts for oblong face If you don’t feel up to a headstand.

The point here is relax, relax, relax. It’s not an easy order, I realize, in this era of hectic living. Haircuts for oblong face But, for good looks and good health, you’d better try it.

Here is the quick-reference route to hair-growth eating. For these are the foods that contain the things Ive told you to eat for the* health of that hair. Haircuts for oblong face Don’t forget all the beautiful B vitamins, which I have just given you after the “Skin” section. That’s where you’ll find those (why tell you twice) and then you’ll get the whole vitamin picture in my big, beautiful chart.



E8gs Barley
Margarine Oatmeal
Corn oil Whole-grain rye
Cottonseed oil Whole wheat flour
Olive oil Wheat germ
Palm oil Peanuts
Peanut oil Brussels sprouts
Safflower oil Cabbage
Soybean oil Leeks
Sunflower oil Kale
Wheat germ oil Mustard greens

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