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In 2009, she launched the Serena Signature Statement Collection for the Home Shopping Network. The pair are also minority owners of the Miami Dolphins, making them the first Black women with a stake in an NFL team. At the genesis of their career, Richard made a griot-like predictions in the face of critics who often scoffed and mocked his almost cocky spirit. In 1992, he told Trans World Sport: Serena will probably be the better player than Venus. That’s not to compare my girls, but she probably will be. Once that premonition came to pass the celeb hyphenate of Venus-and-Serena fell away forever and Serena Williams the solo tennis champion was born. Serving and returning tennis balls would prove to be easy compared to the challenges facing this atypical athlete. When the Black hair lynch mob attacked Serena for enjoying her natural braided and beaded hairstyle during her youth, she ignored them by giving into her own coif chameleon tastes. As Serena’s body grew fuller, thicker and more voluptuous, her African physique has been criticized and body shamed by some mainstream press and Internet trolls. She claps back hard: a Vogue cover, a fashion spread in Harper’s Bazaar or simply rocking a sexy two-piece in a paparazzi beach pic. A true warrior knows when to admit fault and retreat. After facing criticism for the 2009 incident where she screamed and threatened a lineswoman over a call, Serena paid a $10,500 fine and apologized for letting passion for the game overrun proper decorum. Such blowhole antics are regularly exercised by white male tennis players without recourse and have even helped to make some”like former tennis champion John McEnroe become legends.

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