Haircut styles for oval faces

Red Carpet Hairstyle Tutorial

What you need:

Large round hairbrush Styling mousse (medium hold) Clips or Kirby grips Hairdryer and nozzle
Perfect for those special occasions this utterly fabulous hair screams glamour. Worn with a diagonal parting it’s totally head turning stuff. Perfect for anv girl who lias long hair, whether shoulder length or longer. Blonde or brunette you’ll wear this st yle with pride.

“Utterly fabulous hair that screams glamour’

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Apply mousse to a brush and apply evenly throughout the hair. For long thick hair, it is probably best to section and clip the hair. Starting at the back of the head, take a section of hair and blow dry using a large round brush and hairdryer. Lift the hair at the roots and curl the hair around the brush until dry. While the section is still warm, loop the hair and use clips to secure. Allow the hair to completely cool before removing the clips.

Tong sections in the same direction with large barrelled tongs to create extra curl and movement.
Use a bristle brush and your fingers to smooth out the curls and reduce separation until the desired result is achieved.

Use hairspray to 19Kr hold and a shine serum MBk for polish.

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