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CUSHION YOUR KNEES My apartment doesn’t have a lot of space, and my sewing table is small. I end up measuring and cutting fabric on my hardwood floor and it can be uncomfortable on my knees. I found that a yoga mat is a really good cushion. You can lay it flat, or fold it one or two times for extra cushioning. Sometimes I lay it over the fabric and use the straight edge to help me measure and get straighter cuts.


I just wanted to share a tip that my husband came up with as he was helping me finish some custom bridal work. I was setting grommets into a corset. The center-back opening edge was very thick as there were approximately six layers of fabric: two layers each of lace, hemp silk, and coutil (a tightly woven cotton twill).

I was frustrated because the cutting tool for the grommets became dull after punching three holes. My husband suggested drilling the holes. I was skeptical and terrified, but I was also desperate.

We tried a conventional drill bit on a sample and it didn’t work. He then loaded the drill with the grommet set’s hole-cutting tool and tested it on a sample. It worked. We tried one more sample, and it worked again.

We went on to set 30 grommets in about 20 minutes.

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