Hair Rollers And Usages

Hair rollers are fantastic devices to give your hair beautiful bouncy shape without damaging it. And it not only for curling the hair. They can also be used as a volumizers and straighteners according to your hair type.


Whatever result you want, you should prepare your hair very well. When you use right hair products for your hair before rolling, style will last much longer.


Also rolling your hair according to sections and rolling neatly will gice you more voluminous results.


So here are some usages of hair curlers according to your hair type.


For Straight Hair

If you want to keep your hair straight but give it more volume, use big perm rods. Using volumizing spray before curling helps volume to hold longer.

If you want to add some loose curls to your straight hair, use medium sized ceramic rollers after using volume mouse.


For Wavy Hair

Using big perm rods with sealing serum will help to loosen your waves and give you more sleep but voluminous result.

But if you want to embrace your curls and want to go even more wilder, use small perm rods after applying serum to your hair. This will add more definition to your curls.



For Curly Hair

If you want to loosen your curls, use big ceramic rollers. This will give your hair body and voluminous look.

If bouncier curls are what you aiming for, then you can use small cushion rollers. After your hair is dries, use your fingers to give your hair its last shape.


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