Hair perms for long hair

If your skin is pale and you have blue eyes, jet black hair can be ghostly and very ageing. Instead opt for a softer brown with warm tones.

Taking small baby steps can be a good way to try darker hair rather than going dramatically darker in one fell swoop. Subtler changes are often more flattering.

Going darker usually involves a semi permanent or permanent colour. Look for products that include grapeseed oil in their ingredients list as this gives a stunning irridescent effect rather than a carpet dyed effect.

Always take a strand test of hair from the back of your head before colouring. It may be that the auburn or chocolate you’ve always fancied being doesn’t quite suit you.

A new darker colour will fade over a number of washes but if you feel it’s too dark, resist the temptation to wash your hair over and over again you won’t do your hair any favours.

Wait at least a few days to get used to seeing your new look in the mirror and then, if you’re really not happy, visit your hairdresser who can come up with some quick fixes.

Use pictures to describe colour. One person’s mahogany is another’s purple and there is definitely more confusion when it comes to the vast shade of brunettes.

Visit a beauty counter after a new dye job, as your make up bag will probably need a make over too!

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