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There seems to be a minimum time for warming up before the body begins to accrue benefits from exercise. The President’s Council on Physical Fitness says you need at least a half hour per day to create any trace of physical fitness. That half hour, incidentally, should involve exercise which pushes your heart to operate at between 70 and 80 percent of its heartbeat capacity. A rough estimate of your heartbeat capacity can be made by subtracting your age from 220 (for instance, a twenty-year-old person would subtract 20 from 220, for a heart rate of 200).
At the minimum., I would recommend a half hour to an hour of walking, twice a day. Two half-hour walks are more productive than a single one-hour walk. If your health is excellent (especially your heart), then ideally you should be jogging. But to jog you must build up your capacity slowly with brief periods of jogging lacéd with walking. With jogging, the minimum should be a half-hour a day, five days a week.
Exercise benefits the heart by making it work more efficiently. With regular exercise, the heart can pump blood with less effort. It has more time to rest between beats. And you can exercise for longer periods without getting
of Exercise

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