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“She really beat him,” her father, Gregory George, says. “I felt sorry for the guy.” Tina is, in fact, a girly girl who wears sweetsmelling dewberry lotion and a pink tank top with her size 4 skirt when she gives me her demonstration on the mat. It’s just that when she competes, “she’s someone who crushes people,” as her training partner, a 211-pound wrestler named Jason Loukides, likes to put it.

Tliat was clear in the match she had last September with Elvira Rasulova-Mursalova of Kyrgyzstan in the World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling, when a frustrated Ms. Rasulova-Mursalova chomped down on George’s arm. “This girl bit me so hard,” she says, showing me her right forearm. (She actually seemed disappointed there weren’t still teeth marks.) “I punched her really good,” George says. Punching, of course, is not allowed, but neither is biting.

A referee was about to eliminate George, until she showed him the teeth marks. “When you bite someone, or pull their hair, then it’s getting personal,” George says. She won the match ten points to two. I.INDA LEE

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