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Brett has now soared to the top of everyone’s list of favourite country music singer-songwriters, but I caught up with him briefly to find out, Hair color ideas how it felt to win in one of the most talked about categories this year and exactly what makes Brett Eldredge tick?

‘When they said my name, or when I thought they said my name I looked at my manager, Hair color ideas and we both looked at each other and were like, did they say my name?” If you watched the footage Brett’s face is one of astonishment and his humble nature is very clear when talking with him.

‘Next thing I looked around and the whole arena’s just staring at me. I felt like, oh okay, I think I’d best go up to the stage right now’. Hair color ideas It was a feeling of pure shock – I’ve never been more shocked in my life. Probably the best feeling that I’ve ever had. To get up on stage and look out there, remembering when I was sitting there as a fan just wishing and dreaming that one day I could be up there on stage. There was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Brett is first and foremost a dreamer. But he’s also a dreamer with a lot of talent. Born and raised in Illinois, and influenced by the big voices’ of Ray Charles, Ronnie Dunn

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