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I absolutely loved Bruce Wagner’s article about his admiration of James Coburn’s style in the sixties and beyond [“The Daddy of Cool,” Nostalgia, July],

I remember idolizing Coburn, along with James Arness and Leonard Nimoy, as a child growing up in the early seventies. They were all so uniquely attractive to me as a young girl. My mother thought I had odd taste in men! Wagner really put a smile on my face with his description of life in Beverly Hills and the culture of the sixties and seventies,

As James Cobum’s personal physician and friend for many years, I was delighted with Bruce Wagner’s story. Cobum was indeed “the daddy of cool” and not just in his films but in his private life as well. I remember one time in New York City when we were returning to our hotel at 1:00 A.M. and two ten-year-old inner-city youngsters had waited for Jim outside the lobby for hours to get his autograph. They received not only his signature but warm hugs and that deep, jovial laugh he was famous for. Even when he suffered the severe pain of crippling arthritis late in life, he still remained “Mr. Cool” to everyone.

Ron Lawrence, M.D.

Malibu, CA

Bruce Wagner’s article on James Cobum should have been an invitation to a pool-side, late-night cocktail party. I, too, aspired to Cobum cool as a young boy when everyone else was playing G.I. Joe, and even still attempt to swagger my way through life in a poor imitation of Our Man Flint. But I was ripped out of the ether of hip and dumped right back into the stench of junior-high gym class when I read Wagner’s words “What

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