Gym Ball Pregnancy Exercises

Gym Ball Pregnancy Exercises

Have Cinnamon to Lose Belly Fat

Don’t go by the sweet taste of cinnamon, it won’t increase your fat. In fact, cinnamon will help reduce your overall body fat including the belly fat. Cinnamon is a thermogenic. It means, cinnamon tends to produce heat through metabolic stimulation. Thus cinnamon makes you burn your fat. So, include 1 tsp. of ground cinnamon to your daily diet in order to increase your metabolism. Take ground cinnamon and not the cinnamon bark oil which may

lead to ulcers, mouth sores and mouth burning when consumed. Cinnamon is one spice that you can cook with any food.

Ways to have cinnamon to loose belly fat

Sprinkle a tsp of cinnamon on top of your beverages like tea, coffee or even milk.

Add cinnamon on top of your toast, muffin etc.

Add cinnamon powder to your breakfast cereal.

Sprinkle it on your salad, dips, and sauces.

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