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This album is a beautiful display of what music can achieve

Grace Griffith moved into an assisted living community in February 2014, a submission to the effects of early onset Parkinson’s disease, which she was diagnosed with 17 years ago. This record is something we never thought we’d see, especially since she moved to assisted living, after having a few surgeries, which worked for a short time before the disease continued to progress.

In these sad circumstances however, comes an album full of life-affirming songs

“Fragile and subtle beauty in career high from singer-songwriter” sung with such sweet surrender it touches your heart and affects the soul. This collection was the outcome of two years of support, dedication and belief from Team Grace, all involved in making this record a reality. The albums producers Chris Biondo and Lenny Williams really deserve a large part of the creditforthe resulting album.

PASSING THROUGH is a collection of Celtic and folk songs, spanning centuries, continents and genres. Opening with Brigid’s Shield this song saw the reunion of Grace and Susan Graham White who had performed together as Hazlewood in the late 1980s. It’s a stirring song and opens this record with beautiful and captivating vocals. One of my all-time favourite songs on this record Nature Boy is another stirring song, and really shows Grace’s talents are shining through for all to see. Hervocal control and storytelling ability with that really does translate well in this collection and makes it an astounding listening experience. Grace’s cover of Emmylou Harris’ Cup Of Kindness also stands out on this album, as does the

closing song Water, Fire and Smoke the only previously released song taken from heralbum GRACE released in 1996.This album observes a struggle, a journey, but ultimately the power of music. A rare and genuine collection I would recommend. Laura Bethell

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