First used in black-and-white Hollywood films, the glossy eye has been firmly reinstated at the forefront of fashion. It looks great but requires major upkeep, so it is a definite ‘no no’ for everyday wear.

1 Prepare eyelids with foundation and powder as in previous looks.

2 Add a generous scoop of loose powder underneath your lower lashes. This will catch any falling colour pigments and can be swept off easily afterwards.

3 Choose your favourite single eyeshadow colour (anything from baby pink to citrus orange) and sweep it generously, and evenly, from the lash line right up to the brow bone. Gently dust off any fallen colour shadow with a large powder brush.

4 Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara at this point. Once the gloss is applied, you will run the risk of smudging your lids and eyelashes.

5 Next, cover the coloured lid with a thin coat of Vaseline, very carefully and evenly, using a brush.

6 If you want a glossy effect but can compromise on wet-look sheen in return for a look that will last a little longer, substitute Vaseline with shimmer shadow.

7 To complement a healthy suntan, drop the shadow altogether. Instead, apply mascara to your lashes, then coat the eyelids in Vaseline or Calvin Klein’s Eye Gloss.

8 Remember that this look works best on the very young. For anyone over 35, creamy shadows are far more flattering.


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