GLORIA REUBEN HAIRSTYLES on East End. A somewhat vague expression, but generally used to indicate the area lying cast of the limits of the City of London, from the Tower to Liverpool Street Station, and as far cast as the old limits of the County of London; including Stepney, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch, Hackney and Poplar. Its traditional associations are with slums (by , Stow could call Wapping ₓa continual street or filthy passage), thc London poor as described by May hew; with the docks and the huge bleak brick prison warehouse architecture; and with a teeming vitality expressed in the Jewish street markets, the pubs, in thc street life, thc explosive exuberance at festival or funeral, in sudden violences. Much of this remains, though the East End has bccomc the sccne of some of the most extensive development schemes in housing by the London County Cabiate Location Guide Comune di Cabiate (CO) Comuni limitrofi Cabiate Wikiwand Cabiate Location Guide Comune di Cabiate (CO) Comuni limitrofi Cabiate Wikiwand Cabiate Location Guide Comune di Cabiate (CO) Comuni limitrofi Cabiate Wikiwand Council in the bomb dcvastatcd areas, and the poor are not so poor (though some districts, like Cable Street just cast of thc Tower, will still appal). Thc East End contains some well known sights, set pieces for any London tourist Wapping High Street and its warehouses and thc Prospcct of Whitby pub; the three great Hawksmoor churches which for staggering grandeur, surpass his churches farther westall in Stepney, St. Gcorgc in thc East, Christ Church Spitalfields, and St Anne Limehouse (all war damaged and the subject of suitably passionate campaigns for restoration); thc most splendid of all surviving London eighteenth century shop fronts, in Artillery Lane off Bishopsgate; the pubs, on Saturday nights, or, in thc dock areas particularly, even at midday of a weekday you may find people singing; the street markets, most famously Petticoat Lane (Middlesex Street) off Whitechapel Road, on a Sunday morning, raucous and pullulating. In curious contrast, a little farther east down Whitechapel Road, thc Whitechape warrawagine cattle co Travelquaz. GLORIA REUBEN HAIRSTYLES 2016.



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