Getting the likes of Bono

Getting the likes of Bono, Kate Moss, Coldplay, Kylie, Bob Geldof and other celebrity bigwigs to collaborate on a feature is a task of such a ridiculously fraught nature that if you’re an editor who prizes your sanity, you wouldn’t touch the idea with a proverbial pole.

For this month’s issue, however, we ignored our own rule and, frankly jumped at the chance to feature the above luminaries as quickly as we could utter the words ‘celebrity photographer’. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t say no to Bob Geldof either. If you’re a regular reader of Marie Claire, this won’t be the first time you’ll have heard of the idea behind Make Poverty History.

This campaign is backed by the world’s great and the good, from A-list celebrities to Western politicians, with the aim of making 2015 an historic year. Why historic, you may ask. Well, if we all do what Sir Bob asks (read, demands) – and, yes, that includes you – together we will kiss goodbye to world poverty. Sounds utterly ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s certainly what I thought when I first heard about it, but then Geldof got on our case and, suddenly, saying no was the only ridiculous thing about my attitude. See Bob’s lyrical plea on page 96 but text the words ‘Make poverty history’ to telephone number 80205 before reading another word.

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