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July to fix the strain caused by constant performing. At the time of our interview Gareth is still in the process of ‘vocal rehab’, which involves visiting a specialist and doing vocal exercises to preserve his voice, and his stammer – which at one time seemed to be improving – is still an ongoing battle. Joined by his voice coach Chris, Gareth describes the last year as ‘hell’ but has high hopes that his voice will return to how it once was. And remaining lighthearted about the situation, he jokes: ‘I probably tried to say I love you” first to Faye, but I couldn’t get my words out!’

Here, the pair – who’ve been dating for just over three years – speak exclusively to My blog about juggling their relationship with their careers, and supporting Gareth through his difficulties…

So tell us – was it love at first sight when you two met?

Faye: No, it definitely wasn’t [laughs]! Gareth: I was quite scared of Faye, actually! She was this amazing leading lady so she was quite intimidating.

Faye: He got one of his lines wrong [in Legally Blonde] one day and he was too scared to come and knock on my door to apologise!

Gareth: I was actually knocking, but there was no answer.

Faye: I used to ignore people during the intervals because the job was quite stressful, so I used to be mute during the break.

When My blog arrives at our exclusive shoot with Gareth Gates and Faye Brookes, the couple are the picture of happiness. Playfully joking with each other and holding hands throughout our chat, the former Pop Idol star and Coronation Street actress still seem very much in the honeymoon period.

The talented couple met in 2012 when Gareth joined the cast of the musical Legally Blonde, playing Warner opposite Faye’s leading role of Elle Woods (pictured below inset). And while they both admit that it wasn’t love at first sight, their close friendship soon progressed to another level just a few months later. ‘He taught me how to poke fun at myself. It’s still the one thing I appreciate more than anything about him,’ gushes Faye as the couple affectionately tease each other.

The pretty 28-year-old brunette made the move from stage to screen earlier this year, joining the Cobbles in October as the feisty Kate Connor. Meanwhile, singer Gareth has become a household name on TV and in musicals and pantomimes up and down the country since finding fame in 2001. Currently starring in Cinderella, the busy 31 year old

The Musical in the new year. He also hopes to release another album, but with a packed schedule for 2016 it’s something that’s currently on the back burner.

But while the couple couldn’t seem happier as we chat near their home in London’s Kew Bridge, the past year has been a difficult one.

After nearly losing his voice, Gareth was forced to undergo an operation on his vocal cords in How did your relationship develop? Gareth: We became good friends first.

After Legally Blonde we went straight into doing panto [Sleeping Beauty] together and became really close.

Gareth was beforehand. When Pop Idol was on I was 15 and my best friend in high school had a huge poster of Gareth on her bedroom wall. Whenever I stayed at her house and I slept in that bed I’d be like, I don’t get it! I was so ‘whatever’ about him. Not too long ago she messaged me and just said: ‘Gareth!’ We had a real laugh about it.

Gareth: Do you think she still has that poster [laughs]?!

What do you love most about each other? Faye: He’s always making me laugh. He’s probably the only person who can shake me We’re so passionate and so similar,’ says Faye, with Gareth J adding: Faye really is my best friend’ out of my funk when I’m feeling miserable. In Legally Blonde there was a lot of pressure on me as a leading lady and I became this nun who wouldn’t hang out with people. It was so much fun and a great opportunity but also really hard work. Then Gareth came along and he was a breath of fresh air. During that show I wasn’t looking for my Prince Charming, I just found him. Gareth: Faye really is my best friend. I’ve never met anyone who’s exactly like me and likes the same things. We’re both very passionate people as well.

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