French Laundry Yountville, California

French Laundry’s owner, renowned chef Thomas Keller, fell in love with the quaint yet fine restaurants throughout France. Stemming from that inspiration, French Laundry was born to be a uniquely American restaurant with the feel influenced by the French countryside. Situated just north of San Francisco, in the center of Napa Valley, the restaurant exudes the same romantic and lively expression found in France.

Seasonal vegetables are picked straight from the Napa Valley and served in the distinctive nine-course tasting menus that are designed everyday by chefs. No single ingredient is ever repeated through the meal states the owner, who uses this method as a way to excite and please the curiosity. Each series of small dishes encompasses its own flavor and emotion that satisfies your appetite and have you longing for more.

Napa Valley and wine are synonymous and a such, the restaurant’s cellar boasts bottles from all the major grape-growing regions of the world. Guests are welcome to bring their own bottle, with a $75 fee, but because tasting menus change daily, the wine list consists of characteristic bottles suited for every meal and designed to enhance the flavor. With such grave detail given to all aspects of the menu, Keller vows each patron will leave saying, I wish I had just one more bite of that.

In A Jacuzzi,with flickering candlelight and a glass of wine, which you drink to enhance the post-coital bliss over a deeply penetrating conversation, which once and for all solves all the world’s problems. And oh, it’s always best with women on top.

On the beach (be careful, the sand might be a bit abrasive.)

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