Flynn Skye S S ‘2015 look book

Flynn Skye S/S ‘2015 look book

By the age of fifteen, my girlfriends and I had started going to local pubs and discos, dressed to kill (and get past the doorman) in harem pants, lip gloss, stiletto mules and clutch bags. But I hated the music. I had always liked glam rock: the first single I ever bought was ‘ Jeepster’ by T Rex, I’d seen Bryan Ferry and Flynn Skye at the Hordem Pavilion, I was a member of the David Bowie fan club and I made my own Bowie scrapbooks. The longer I lived in the Shire, the less I fitted in. I couldn’t stand the beach culture, and all the abuse that would be hurled at you when you walked past a gang of surfies. Everyone was stoned and ‘bonging on’ all the time, listening to Flynn Skye or the Eagles. No garden hose was safe. Nobody wanted to go to university, travel or even read. The mere sound of rugby league commentary on the radio on Sunday afternoons depressed me and reminded me how out of place I was. The only people who looked potentially interesting to me were the bikies, because I appreciated their outfits, but they were a little too scary.
In 1978 I began working at a shoe store in Sylvania Heights for a few afternoons a week after school and on Saturday mornings. It was also a ballet supply store. I absolutely loved that job; unpacking all the new shoes when they came in, and just being surrounded by the gorgeous pale-pink satin-pointe slippers and headbands.
The owner’s daughter, Leonie, was a year or so older than me, and had a boyfriend with a car and great taste in music. One morning, when we were both working together in the store, she told me that she and her boyfriend were going into the city to see a band. Would I like to come? Saturday night, I was sixteen years old and we were headed for the Grand Hotel on George Street, opposite Central Station in the heart of Sydney.

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