Flawless. How to Contour Like A Kardashian

Flawless. How to Contour Like A Kardashian 

 “The best ways to shape the waist are to twist itdancing, snowboarding, gymnastics, skateboarding, aerial ski jumping, and even partner dancing are great,” says Kardashian. “Any time you can get the body to rotateswinging a bat, even, or a golf club.” Golfing sounds quite a bit better than sweating my heart out rowing, as I am right now.
 “I have to work with people to be realistic about staying committed,” she says. “You can’t see sweeping body changes without working out seriously four times a weekand my ideal is six times a week.”
 Of course, for thosesuch as myselfwho’ve had the “several kids” Sherman so casually refers to, six-times-a-week workouts involve a completely unrealistic time commitment (for that matter, so does the tummy tuck). And while a friend of mine claims that every woman he knows who’s had a baby has ended up with a better body (“Curvier but thinner! More defined!” he insists), there is one area of the body that pregnancy absolutely does not improve, and that would be the waist. “Yes, your stomach can stretch out,” says Sherman, “though it certainly doesn’t happen to everyone.”
 The mini-baby boom among young socialites and top models has increased demand for trainers like Sarah Williams, who specializes in pre- and postnatal training at Manhattan’s exclusive Casa gym. Williams’s svelte clientsincluding Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer and Sloan Linde-mann Barnettare all the advertising she’ll ever need.
 “Allover weight loss gives you a flat stomach,” she says. “There are a million ways to do crunches, and we do them, but the focus has to be on overall fitness and nutrition.” Diet for expectant or nursing mothers is critical, Williams says. “If there’s ever a time to visit a nutritionist, pregnancy is one of them. I urge clients to see one.”
 Postbaby, Williams says, she gets the best results with running. “Or if you just hate running, jumping rope,” she says. “It gets people to bounce back the fastest.” Williams also focuses on keeping expectations realistic: “Not everyone is going to end up with the exact waistline they had before they were pregnantyour skin can be a little loose, things may never be precisely the same.”
 A week or so later, I’m at the John Frieda Salon in New York, tucked away in Sally Hershberger’s secret styling corner, when Courtney Love suddenly bursts in.
 Hershberger is designing a look for Love’s latest role, Claire in Julie Johnson. Love has one of the most incredible bodies ever, and a particularly tiny, firm, curvy waist, accentuated witb pin-striped, high-waisted (she’s already on the bandwagon) pants and a lace-up shirt in clingy hot-pink chiffon. Has she heard of the cereal bowl? Does she work out six days a week?
 “Oh, she’s got a yoga stomach,” offers Hershberger, who herselfskinny-yet-curvy, Gucci-jeaned and concave-waist-edis also in possession of a yoga stomach (both work with Hollywood guru Gurmukh). “It’s nothing like that awful, worked-out lookit’s centered; it’s sexy.” 
 “The best way to shape the waist is to twist it-dancing, gymnastics, snowboarding, skateboarding, aerial ski jumping, swinging abator golf club”

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