GameSept. 5, 2007: Defensive replacement for Cubs’ Alfonso Soriano vs. Dodgers At-BatSept. 21, 2007: Grounded out to second against Franquelis Osoria of the Pirates HitJuly 1, 2009: Double off Virgil Vasquez of the Pirates Stolen BaseAug. 22, 2009: Stole second vs. Dodgers catcher Brad Ausmus and pitcher Charlie Haeger Home RunOct. 4, 2009: A solo shot off Diamondbacks pitcher Doug Davis

about getting to meet someone. It was brief, but it went a long way.

So Fuld jumped at the chance to hold sports camps for children with type 1 diabetes in the Tampa area during the winter, in conjunction with the University of South Florida Diabetes Center. More than 100 kids from all over the country attend the camp, which has been held each of the past four years.

Most of us diabetics, it’s like we don’t want to be treated differently, and it’s such a constant weight that it can be therapeutic to talk about it, but at the same time, you almost want to avoid conversation about it, Fuld said. That’s part of why I love the camps. These kids talk about their experiences and it can be hugely beneficial to talk and learn from each other. It can even just be simple stuff that’s so helpful.

catches became all the rage on YouTube. Teammates took to wearing Super Sam capes.

And two days after that, in his first-ever game at Fenway Park, with friends and family in atten dance, Fuld homered, tripled and hit two doubles and made another diving catch. Rays manager Joe Maddon cracked that Superman wears Sam Fuld pajamas to bed,” and starter David Price said that the world is three-quarters covered by waterand the other 25 percent by Sam Fuld.

That was crazy,” Ken Fuld said of the Super Sam” phenomenon in 2011. I don’t know how to describe it. It was very exciting for usI can’t even imagine what Sam was going through. I know my email and phone were going

crazy and work came to a screeching halt. It was a bit surreal, especially that series he had at Fenway Park after he’d grown up as a Red Sox fan.”

It doesn’t really hinder Sam in an overt way. It’s more subtle,” Ken Fuld said. Especially as an athlete, any blood-sugar level departure from the norm can affect fine motor skills; if it’s a little high or a little low it can change the way you perform. That’s why you see Sam checking it several times a game.

Fuld’s teammates are in awe of his ability to deal with a serious medical condition and play at the highest level.

He’s constantly checking his blood sugar, and that adds another element to his day the rest of us never even have to think about,” said A’s catcher Stephen Vogt, who has played with Fuld in Tampa Bay and Oakland. We get a little light-headed, we eat something. With him it could be life or death. To watch how he takes care of himself and prepares, it’s a lot more work than the average player. And

It just happened so fast,” Fuld said. I knew I was going to a good situation in Tampa, but for me it was just exciting to make the roster on Opening Day, and then suddenly I’m playing left every day. The next couple of weeks were hectic but funI was still the same person, the same player. I knew it wasn’t going to be like this the rest of my career, so I made sure to enjoy it.

It was tiring and exhilarating, eye-opening. It did feel like a dream, especially the game at Fenway. It seemed too good to be true. I remember thinking, Even if my career ended today, I would still be ecstatic. I’ll always have that moment.'”

After 20 games that season, Fuld led the league in steals and in average before cooling off, but he never lost his cult-hero status even as his fortunes have fluctuated along with his offensive output. The amazing defensive ability remains, as does the streakiness. Fuld hit .375 the first two weeks of this season, then saw his average dip to .200 a month later.

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