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Do you ever argue?

Faye: Oh God, yeah! Because we’re so passionate and so similar, that can sometimes spill over. We’re pretty much all or nothing. One minute it’s fireworks and the next minute it’s like a war zone. We argue over the smallest things. Gareth: And the smallest things often become the biggest. Faye always ends up crying!

Faye: I cry at everything. At the end of the day,

I think everyone knows that we love one another so we just face whatever life throws at us.

How do you juggle the demands of work with your relationship?

Faye: It does get crazy and stressful and we’re constantly travelling, but we make it work. I think any relationship goes through those natural worries about how much time you get to spend together. We always point out to one another that our time is precious, so we try and spend all our free time together.

Gareth: But with work we just want the best for each other. We have to make time for each other but we absolutely understand each other’s schedules. I want Faye to be stupidly successful so I absolutely know she has to put the work in.

How long have you lived together in your London house?

Gareth: We were actually living out of suitcases and staying with friends for the first 18 months, then just over a year ago I bought a flat in London so that’s our base now. We’re just waiting to hear if we’ve got a place in Manchester, too. It’s an apartment and it’s the first place we’re buying together with our names on it, so it’s a big step. With Faye being based up there for Corrie it’s important that we have a place there to call home as well.

Faye: I’m not freaking out at all [laughs]! I think it’s the next step, though. We’re hoping we can move in early next year. We’ll probably get an actual house together in the distant future, but right now things are a bit too hectic. London will always be home, though.

Have you been commuting from London to the Corrie set, Faye?

I’ve actually been staying with my parents because they live in Manchester. I haven’t lived at home since I was 18 so it was pretty strange going back. I’m up there for most of the week while Gareth’s performing somewhere in the UK, so we just touch base at the weekend. Most of the time I end up following him around the country!

Below: Gareth waited 18 months to introduce Faye to his daughter Missy (right), who he calls his little princess’

What’s the most romantic thing Gareth has ever done, Faye? Gareth: Oh there’s lots [laughs]! We certainly don’t do things by halves. Faye: Gareth has a theme for every occasion because he’s so creative.

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