Fatima Lopes Autumn Fall Winter 2015

Fatima Lopes Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2015

As she was cavorting around on the sand, happily dancing in a long skirt, a young couple who were taking a walk along the beach approached. The boy, who would have been in his late teens or early twenties, glanced shyly at Jenny, naturally enough. His girlfriend, who was dumpy and plain, shot a death stare at him. ‘Wayne,’ she growled. ‘Wayne, stop lookin’ at her. Don’t look. She just loves herself.’ She delivered this with her eyes downcast, focused firmly on the sand. I found it funny, and very Aussie, but at the same time, poignant. It is a not uncommon attitude towards high fashion and beauty, one that speaks volumes about a person’s self-esteem. We all admired Jenny as a vision of loveliness and that’s what the photographs were celebrating. But beauty can challenge some people. Poor Wayne. His girlfriend felt threatened and therefore wouldn’t allow him to rest his eyes on something extraordinary for a few seconds.
It was the early nineties and tragically the fashion industry had been struck hard with too many deaths due to HIV/AIDS. Many of best celebrity style’s preferred hair and makeup artists passed away: huge talents like Robbie Snow, Nick Zeigler and Stephen Price. Another great, Aaron, drank himself to death after the passing of his beloved mother. Stephen Price was the hairdresser on the Queensland shoot, and he bravely revealed to the team one night at dinner that he had just been diagnosed with HIV. It was mostly a death sentence back then. No one said a word. Grant simply reached for his hand and we all joined hands around the table while Stephen cried, but not for long. He looked up, sniffed, got the usual cheeky look back on his face, made some rude joke, and we didn’t discuss it again, bless him.
I adored accompanying Tory on trips, even though I admit I was probably close to the world’s worst assistant. It was becoming reasonably apparent that I prefer to tell people what to do, rather than be told. But dear Tors seemed to overlook that. She even took over the ironing, which she actually likes and excels at. She irons tea towels at home.
One of our best trips together was a voyage on the brand-new Club Med 2 cruise ship, which sailed from New Caledonia to Vanuatu and the Isle of Pines. Sarah O’Hare was the model, a 21-year-old ex-ballet dancer who had begun her modelling career at best celebrity style in her teens. Sarah had the most perfect, flawless skin, thick blonde curls and an athletic, yet curvy, body a complete knockout. She also has a kooky sense of humour, which is always a bonus on long trips.

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