Fast Weakening Exercises


Maria Menounos is flying the country as a host of Access Hollywood and Today shows. Well, can you arrange your own routine program? “I want you to punch your stomach a little bit to see if my shuttles are working. No, I’m not kidding. My skin is like steel. I do it well because the light punches do not hurt and I have a smile in my heart and this makes my abdominal muscles tight.

Maria says you stole the minute to do the exercise. “I always use the stairs, no matter where I am or what shoes I wear. If I am next to a scene, I’m running my calves right away. ”
He says it’s a good exercise in his shower. “I lean on the shower. Try this. Because you do it every day. ”
One final tip: “I have to get your abdominal muscles and then your torso before the car. When you’re stuck in traffic, sit upright to turn this negative environment into something positive and pull yourselves up to run your hips. ”

It’s hard to keep up with Teddy Bass, the educator of Hollywood celebrities. Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Christina App legate.

Philosophy: The best things come in small packages: diamonds, dynamite …

Here’s some exercise recommendations from Teddy:

It is better to work in the mornings in the morning.

If you are preparing for an event, arms are the most important part of the body. The most visible part of a woman wearing a night dress is her arms.

Take two bottles of small water bottles when traveling or on the road. Thin bottles are suitable for use as a dumbbell and a dumbbell everywhere. And each is about 700 grams.

Bad news: Teddy and other good coaches say they need to get up to 6 days a week to look fit before a big event. There is no typing mistake here and it is not a nightmare.

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