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Improving athletic performance

How can this information be used to improve fitness and athletic performance?

Your brain is under the direction of your mind, and every movement of your body is controlled by your brain. When you decide to pick up a glass of water and drink it, your mind sends a mental picture to your brain, your brain carries out the instructions to your body and your thirst is quenched.

How does this work? The brain sends tiny electrical signals down nerve pathways to your muscles, causing muscles to contract. When the signal is turned off, muscles relax.

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Again, brain neurons send signals down neural pathways to the appropriate muscle fibers, and they contract while others relax. Practice mentally – and at the correct level, the alpha level – and your brain will learn to send the signals more quickly, with less effort. That is why so many athletes find mental rehearsal such a valuable tool to help them improve their performance. Just as you train your body, you can also train your brain, by training your mind, which controls your brain.

But you must do it at the correct level – the alpha level.

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