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Planes, trains and automobiles… In regards to writing, what’s the process for you? It’s always different – sometimes it starts with a title like Kentucky Dirty – a play on Kentucky Derby. Then you go ‘What would this song sound like?’ you could have beats and then maybe some bluegrass, then you start to feel like it’s a party and it’s about getting dirty and having fun. It depends sometimes I start with tracks and people give me tracks and I hear a hook and then we start like that or I write with someone else who’s got something to bring to the table. I do a lot of co-writes, I typically am the one bringing in the title or the hook and sometimes someone comes in with one line of the song that would make a great chorus but what’s truly the concept of the song. It’s always different, it really is and what I like is writing acoustically but also writing to track.

Giddy On Up I wrote to on track. It was like an old Motown track that we covered with bluegrass. Famous 90s hairstyles I like that too – I love taking really organic older country sounds, bluegrass, classic country and pedal steel and matching it with something really modern. I love the juxtaposition of those things, I love two completely different worlds meeting, whether it’s Motown and country or whether it’s hip hop and country. To me it’s just fun and I’ve learned a little bit about my process since I started writing as a teenager. I was bloody terrible. I was just really bad but I was inspired. I just didn’t know how to write a song. I didn’t know how to open myself up in a certain way or pay attention to the details. As I’ve gotten older it really has been about the advancement of music – it’s about creating different styles of music and the moment of inspiration is what fills me. Not the success of a record, the moment where we go, oh my god, we just created something brand new that’s never been done. That moment is why I do it.

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