Facial Saunas

Aromatherapy herbal facial steams provide an excellent way to have facial saunas in your home once a week to cleanse and also revitalize your skin. They are especially good for acne-prone and oily skin. When you use face steams, pores open up and your skin is able to easily get rid of deep-down dirt, grime and excess oil. You can also have a facial sauna before using a facial mask.

The combination of ingredients in this recipe creates a steam that soothes dry or irritated skin. Ingredients:

2 tablespoons dried elder flower

2 tablespoons dried rose petals

2 tablespoons dried chamomile

1 drop chamomile essential oil

2 drops helichrysum essential oil 5 drops frankincense essential oil

1 drop rose essential oil

2 drops sandalwood essential oil Directions:

1. Combine the flowers and dried herbs in a dark glass jar.

2. Drop in each of the essential oils and shake well.

3. Set aside to cure for at least 24 hours.

4. Usage: Throw a handful of the mixture in a large pot, add 1-2 quarts of water then bring to a boil.

5. Remove from heat and let steep, covered for about 5 minutes.

6. Remove the lid, place the pot on a low table then using a towel, make a tent on your head together with the pot of steaming herbs.

7. Stay in this tent for about 10 minutes. Come out for air as necessary. Do let your face burn.

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