1 Eyeliner pencils give a softer effect than liquids, but best of all is a dark powder shadow line, created by using the tiniest, most pointed brush. The shadow is much subtler and gives you a sexy, doe-eyed look. Liquid liners are best left to the professionals, but if you must, use a magnifying mirror, pull the eyelid taut and apply the liner in one continuous movement as close to the lashes as possible.

2 If you’re too busy to apply eyeliner daily, you could have a line permanently tattooed around the lash line. This involves injecting tiny coloured particles of iron oxide into the skin. The eye area is very delicate, so finding an experienced beauty therapist is essential. Don’t let associations with other types of tattooing put you off – under-eye tattooing can look very natural. Be warned: it is usually very painful. Have a patch test first to check your skin will not react adversely, and use an antibiotic cream afterwards to ward off infection.


TRADITIONAL POWDER SHADOW looks great in the evenings when you want a stronger look. Its modern no-crease formulation will make sure it glides on smoothly and does not flake.

CREAM shadow slides on like a second skin. It is brilliant if you are in a rush and just want to smooth it on with your fingertips. It complements a light-reflecting, non-matt foundation look and (in a neutral colour) results in a very natural look that is suitable for daytime wear.

GEL SHADOW provides a modern alternative to cream. Its colour pigments are suspended in a gel formulation that is quick and easy to apply with the fingertips. They generally stay put even ifyou have greasy skin, as the eye area always naturally tends to feel drier.


were created by make-up artists to suit the time constraints of a modern lifestyle. These products are shaped like pencils (just draw colour directly on or below the lid and blend with fingertips) or like ‘push-up’ sticks, and they can be applied to cheeks and lips, as well as eyes.

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