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They’re said to be the windows of the soul, and the appearance of your eyes – according to the ancient practice of iridology – is linked to your thoughts and feelings. Iridologists believe that our eyes mirror what’s going on within us spiritually, and by learning to identify your irises’ (coloured part of the eye) different markings, you can reveal your likes and dislikes, and how you handle life’s challenges. Gaze deeply into your peepers, then read on to discover your personality type…

Silk: the thought leaders Silk irises are usually found in forwardthinking people. If you belong to this gang, you are ambitious, hard-working and succeed at everything you set your mind to. Your intelligence is legendary but it can be difficult for you to find a balance between working hard and looking after yourself. Because you prefer to relate to others intellectually rather than emotionally, you need a partner who can get past your rational side and help you to understand your real feelings.

Silk-linen: high-vibe gals If you are full of energy and get distracted easily, you most probably belong to this adrenaline-loving group. Silk-linens have a curious mind and want to know everything. So, if you fall into this clique, it’s good practice to focus on one idea at a time, otherwise you will run out of steam or lose interest and people may think you’re flaky. If you have a stimulating job, you’ll become an expert quickly.

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Linen: serene sisters Linen iris types are balanced individuals; they know when to push themselves, when to rest and always make sure they honour their energy levels and their body’s needs. If you’re part of this camp, you’ll find yourself in touch with your emotions but never completely lost in them. You tend to be a good judge of character, and because you naturally see both sides of any situation, you would make a fantastic therapist or mediator. Hessian: social butterflies Those with hessian irises tend to be softies who are emotionally sensitive, easy going, with a big heart and lots of friends.

Members of the hessian group want to be comfortable and are happy paying a bit extra for life’s luxuries – even though money does slip through their fingers. Sound familiar? It’s not that you lazy or unambitious, you are just very careful how you spend your energy and want reassurance that your efforts will be worthwhile. A real bugbear of yours is feeling like you’re being taken for granted. Net: exciting enigmas Getting to know you can prove a little tricky, however, once you’ve made a friend you are extremely loyal and loving. You might be a little shy but your feelings run deep and you are comfortable in emotional waters. One of your favourite pasttimes is analysing your own and others’ motives to get to the truth of what’s going on. You tend to live in your own world and only deal with others when you have to.

Eyes say it all Silk This class of irises is quite rare. The appearance is a very tightlywoven structure with few strands or visible fibres Silk-linen Silk-linen irises have visible strands or gaps in the iris ‘surface’ but the overall appearance is smooth and uniform Linen Irregular spots and textures with a mixture of colours make up a linen iris Hessian Hessian irises have a loosely woven structure with knotted fibres and irregular markings Net Look out for pronounced fibres with large gaps, holes and visible knots.

SEE CLEARLY WITH Chinese eye reading According to the ancient practice of face reading, there are seven animaleye types, each has its own special characteristics. Which type are you? Tiger eyes Do you have deep-set, almost rectangular peppers with long lids and striking-coloured irises? Then you have the eyes of the tiger – you’re courageous, restless, rebellious and proud. While you don’t tolerate bad behaviour, you’re transformed into an adorable little kitten when in love. Pig eyes If you have small, round eyes you are clever, fun-loving and loyal. You are popular and never short of admirers and you prefer working in a team.

You’re sweet natured and kind, although you can have a vicious temper if provoked. Peacock eyes Your peacock eyes are wide set and have a mix of colours in the irises. You are sensitive, creative and artistic, and you have had to learn your lessons the hard way in relationships. Sometimes you underestimate yourself even though you’re one of the cleverest people around. Cow eyes Cow eyes are large and languid with a serene look and a steady gaze. If you have cow eyes you’re loved for your gentleness and your patience rather than your sense of adventure. You are loyal and trustworthy but can get into a rut and need a real change of scenery once in a while. Phoenix eyes If your eyes are bright with large irises, you belong to this set.

This means you’re kind and sentimental, and although you’re quite timid, your selfless sense of fairness means you stick up for the underdog every time. Despite having to work harder than most for recognition, you have a strong sense of self-belief. Wolf eyes Those who belong to this group have eyelids that slant down and a piercing gaze. You are single-minded and determined, powerful and hypnotic. You don’t let anyone stand in your way, but with age you have realised that not everything in life is a confrontation – sometimes it’s a good idea to compromise. Dragon eyes Those in this category have wide eyes with pronounced lid tops. If you have dragon eyes, you are energetic, self-assured and can get bored easily. Come on now, slow down a bit and pull out your meditation cushion!

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