Eye makeup without liner

The moment I’m using Lavera mascara, and I finish with the brand’s red lipstick as well. I like to keep my makeup minimal and only use organic products.

HAIR MVP Elevens Miracle Hair Treatment – it gives my hair extra strength and shine. SIGNATURE SCENT I love the Stella McCartney perfumes. I change them up depending on the season.

The fashion soiree of the year: our very own Blog Australia Style Awards. Hosting a party is never as much fun as being a guest at one, but there’s something about the utter relief of it all coming together on the night that makes it thrilling in its own way. Turn to p141 for all the winners and the inside word on how the evening went down. In the meantime, here are some awards I wish I’d been able to give out…

BEST GATECRASHERS: The hunky firemen who filled up the venue in response to an alarm being set off by a smoke machine, just as guests were lining up outside on the red (or rather, black) carpet.

BEST ENFORCED NO-SHOW: Last year’s famed gatecrasher whose people” called us incessantly on the day begging for an invite. Still no. MOST SKILFULLY AVOIDED WARDROBE MALFUNCTION: Winner on the night, Nicole Trunfio. She managed (just!) to keep her itty-bitty Blogry tunic in place despite a very breezy evening.

EDITOR’S (OTHER) CHOICE: Michael Lo Sordo, who made me the gown of my dreams for the event.

BIGGEST PARTY PEST: The GoPro camera I had following me around in order to bring you the video of my day (okay, I kind of loved it). You can catch the footage on Blog.com.au/Blog-style-awards/.

BEST SNAPPY COMEBACK: Lara Worthington, who, when asked what she was wearing for the 1,000th time, simply answered a dress”.

BEST NEAR MISSES: The new wife and the ex-fiancee narrowly missing each other’s arrival times, and the husband whose wife was giving an interview on the red carpet when his ex arrived. He wisely decided to skip through to the party and avoid the situation altogether.

BEST MAKEUP: Illustrator Mekel, who didn’t just wear a Max Factor lippie, but used loads of them on the night to colour in a gorgeous mural congratulating Australian Designer of the Year Toni Maticevski. MOST AWKWARD PARTY PHOTOS: Everyone who got snapped (including myself) watching the virtual reality film we made for the event,

Cherchez La Femme. (VR headsets may be the must-have accessory of the moment, but they are not the most chic look of all time.)

Watch it for yourself at Blog.com.au/Blog-style-awards/.

MOST RELENTLESS PHOTO-BOOTH HOGS: A joint win between two of our favourite fashion PRs (you know who you are) and the Blog team, who may or may not have used the phrase Don’t you know who we are?” when refusing to budge from the Topshop photo booth, decorated by paper art supremo Benja Harney.

BEST COCKTAIL: The details are foggy but it involved coconut.

And it’s my new summer drink. Head to p145 for the recipe.

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