Eye Makeup Trends Summer 2015


Using a pencil or (ifyou have a very steady hand) liquid liner, draw a line alongthe upper lashes, extending slightly furtherthan the corner, and sloping slightly upwards. Line the bottom lid with a colour several shades lighterthan the one used on the upper lid, as this will add to the ‘lift’. Then add a couple of false lashes to the outer corners of your eyes, and curl these with your natural lashes before applying mascara.


Create the illusion of very bright eyes by drawing inside the rim of both top and bottom lids with a white eye pencil.


Ever wondered how models always have such firm skin around their eyes? Some are born lucky, but, for others, the professional make-up artist often tapes the skin taut behind their hairline to achieve a great look for photographs. Only use this trick for the camera – you do not want the tape coming unstuck in public.

‘come to bed’ eyes Cover the upper lids with frosted white shadow, then, in one continuous sweep, draw black eyeliner along the upper lash line, as close to the upper lashes as possible and sloping downwards. Then apply false lashes on top of yourown, and push them downwards while they are drying to create a sexy, sleepy look.

Short Hairstyles

Graduation hairstyles for short hair

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