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How your brain works

Your brain operates on a small amount of electricity, just like a computer. It can process and store information, retrieve that information and use that information to make decisions and solve problems.

Unlike a computer, however, the brain generates and functions with electricity that does not remain at a fixed frequency. Sometimes the brain’s electric current vibrates rapidly – 20 times per second or more. Other times it vibrates very slowly, one time per second or less. Scientists call these vibrations “cycles,” or “Hertz,” and have divided the brain frequency spectrum into four different segments, based on the number of cycles per second (cps):

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1. Beta, more than 14 cps (typically 20 cps), occurs when your body and mind are active and you focus your eyes.

2. Alpha, 7 to 14 cps, is associated with light sleep and dreaming.

3. Theta, from 4 to 7 cps, is associated with deeper sleep and with the use of hypnosis for such things as painless surgery.

4. Delta, below 4 cps, is associated with deepest sleep.

Workout and Fitness reasoned that the best range to use for mental activity would be the range with the least impedance and the most energy.

Alpha is the strongest and most rhythmic frequency. That’s why it was discovered first by scientists in the 1920s with a primitive sensing device called an “electroencephalograph,” which measures electrical energy in the brain. Scientists named it “alpha,” the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

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