Exercising On The Paleo Diet

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. If you are going to embrace the Paleo lifestyle, you really should consider an exercise regimen as well. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, like some weight training program from a roided-out pro bodybuilder or the training of a high level athlete.

In fact, if you all you can muster is a 30 minute walk every day, that’s a big deal. One of the biggest problems with modern life, is how sedentary we are nowadays. Many people sit at a desk all day long and then they sit on the couch in the evening, usually with a smart phone, tablet, or lap top, engaging in social media sites.

So if you can walk every day for half an hour, good for you! Keep it up!

If you want a little more but you’re one of those people that REALLY struggles with sticking to your workouts, forget complicated, multi-exercise programs.

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Start by focusing on making exercises a habit so that it becomes part of your life routine. And the easiest way to do this is not just to workout first thing in the morning but to make the workout unbelievably simple!

How do you make it so simple that you never skip a workout? Easy! As soon as you roll out of bed, start exercising! This can be as simple as one exercise.

Here are some examples. (View Demo’s Of Exercises On Youtube If Unsure)

Roll out of bed and do X number of bodyweight squats (such as 50!) If you can’t do 50 straight take rests when you need it and keep track of the time it takes to complete all 50 and try and beat that time the next time you do it. Or, reverse it and do bodyweight squats for 7 minutes, resting when you need to and keep track of how many you do. Next time, try and do more in that 7 minutes.

You could do a different exercise each day for a week and then repeat.

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