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Why weren’t his own children like him?

Even though Jose had experienced success in many areas, his children were not following in his footsteps. Some bad report cards convinced him that he had to find the answer.

The answer seemed to lie in the way that super successful people like himself used their minds.

Workout and Fitness had grown up using both his logic and his imagination/intuition (the alpha level, which you will learn about later). He had used his imagination, which all children do naturally, to come up with ideas to fill needs and earn money. And he had used his intellect, too, to keep track of business. But most people, as they mature, leave their imaginations behind and think only in terms of logic and the physical world.

Jose made good decisions, but his children sometimes failed to do the correct thing. He could concentrate on a task and complete it, but his children didn’t seem to have that same ability. He was never ill; in fact, he had never even been examined by a doctor until he got his physical for his induction into the U.S. Army in 1944! But his children got all the usual childhood diseases.

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Jose was usually in the right place at the right time, and this had led to much of his success. But his children, like so many people who never see their dreams come true, sometimes seemed to wind up at the worst possible place at the worst possible time.

These differences between his children and himself raised several questions in his mind:

• Why could some people learn more easily than others? Jose learned without ever attending school, while his children were bringing home some F’s on their report cards.

• Why were some people so much better at earning a living than others?

• Why did some athletes become superstars, while others remained average and ordinary?

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