Exercises When Pregnant

Groundbreaking research

Can you actually learn to change your inherent characteristics? Yes, according to exciting research on the Exercise Method from Haifa University in Israel, reported in Exercise 5. Read about it, and then imagine what it can mean to you… to be able to actually change your personality characteristics.

In addition, in Exercise 21 you’ll read about a research report that was published in The Journal of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching (SALT) about how students in Australia were taught just one Exercise Method workout and fitness technique and improved their scores during the next school term an average of one letter grade! They did this without even taking the complete Exercise Method. Find out which Exercise Method workout and fitness technique their professor taught them that enabled them to boost their scores so quickly and so dramatically.

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A step-by-step mental training program for you

You are beginning this blog at the perfect time: today. This is the only day you can ever do anything; if you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow becomes today. So start today.

In the next few weeks, you can learn to relax and to visualize your goals in a manner that will make the things that you visualize come true. These workout and fitness techniques give you benefits far beyond your athletic career. The skills you learn can help you to improve your business life and your personal life.

Get started right now. The first Exercise contains your first alpha exercise. Your complete training routine is detailed in Exercises 2 through 5. Forms at the end of each Exercise will help you keep a detailed training record to track your progress, and information about how to obtain additional help is included in the back of the blog.

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